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To provide customers with one-stop air services.
Provide all kinds of high value-added logistics services to customers, such as customs clearance, delivery and warehousing.

The company has operated the Saudi Arabian Freight Line for more than 15 years and currently provides air, sea, door-to-door, overseas warehousing and collection services for Chinese cargo to Saudi Arabia.
Offices and warehouses are located in Jeddah and Riyadh cities in Saudi Arabia to provide seamless docking services throughout the day. 
We are responsible for the customs clearance, storage and delivery of your goods from China to Saudi Arabia. 
You only need to give a phone call or an email, your goods can be safely and quickly delivered to your customers. And there are many ways of transportation for you to choose from, such as air, sea, express, etc. 
And all special line service goods guarantee that you can always rely on the single number to inquire about the current status of your goods. Do everything you can at any time.

Air transport

Air transport

15 years of professional experience, 150+ industry elite.
To provide customers with safe, convenient and affordable professional international transport solutions and perfect DDU, DDP services. The monthly export volume of air freight is 600 tons. And signed GA, SV, UL, CZ, EK, EY, TK, MH and other airlines and established a good cooperative relationship, through the perfect network, professional team, preferential prices and standardized operating platform to provide customers with quality services.

Door to door service

Our company operates from Guangzhou to Saudi Arabia via air door to door line for over 15 years,
In Saudi Arabia, Jeddah has offices and warehouses,
To provide customers with a full range of all-weather seamless docking services.
From pick up, warehousing, customs declaration, inspection and transportation,
In Saudi Arabia, local customs clearance, warehousing, delivery to the consignee through-train service,
You only need to give us a phone call or an email,
. Let's leave everything else to us. Safety, punctuality, speed and economy!

Door to door service
Small business package

Small business package

The company has its own strong e-commerce management system, from pick-up, packaging, customs declaration, transportation to the port of destination customs clearance, delivery, can create the most intimate and quality one-stop service for you.
The service network covers the Five Middle East countries. And in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, there are stationed customs clearance commissioners to assist local customs clearance, multi-channel delivery, to ensure the safety of goods, on time delivery to customers, to provide one-stop seamless door-to-door service for customers, docking SOUQ, Aramex, SMSA, Fetchr official website, Wechat 24 hours to provide you with self-service goods tracking, at any time. Enquiries anywhere will open the door for Middle East cross-border electricity providers for you.

Warehousing service

The company is Saudi Arabia's first offshore warehouse enterprise, with its own 5,000 square meters warehouse, and has its own warehouse management system, in view of the needs of the vast number of Chinese e-commerce sellers, for the sellers to provide warehousing, sorting, packaging, distribution and other one-stop services.
For B2B, we offer free overseas warehouses in Saudi Arabia to manufacturers or wholesalers. We can help distribute them and customers can sell them to the Saudi market.
The seller stores the goods in foreign warehouses. When the buyer needs them, the seller can respond quickly, inform the foreign warehouses to sort and pack the goods in time, and provide the customers with considerate and meticulous service from the warehouse to the designated place.

Warehousing service

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